Welcome to our website. Here, you’ll find information on the concerns us Texans have with the effects the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline would have on our land, health, air, and safety if it is built.

Click on the About KXL Pipeline to get the facts, and see for yourself why there’s cause for concern. Download hand outs on the issues to pass around to your neighbors.

Click on the Events page to find out when we’ll be gathering nearest you.

Click on the Media page to find out what sort of buzz has been in the news.

Click on the The Bigger Picture page to find out how Keystone XL relates to an international fight against dirty tar sands and the threat tar sands pose to a clean energy future.

Click on the Resources page to find links to coalition partners’ pages, as well as our social media sites. and most importantly,

Click on the Take Action page to find out how you can become a true Texan Against Tar Sands and take action to stop TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.

Drop us a line at TexansAgainstTarSands@gmail.com and share your thoughts with us. Hope to see you around soon.

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