Here you will find a comprehensive map of the Keystone XL pipeline in addition to county maps of the pipline.

Proposed Route Through Nacogdoches County

Proposed Route Through Angelina County








Want to see a detailed map of the proposed Keystone XL route through your county? Follow these instructions:

To use the Texas Rail Road commission’s public maps, use the following link to start the GIS map program: RRC Public GIS map application

In the lower right hand pane (Blue background) select the “Pipelines” button.
This should pop up the pipeline search filter.

To search: You will need to select the Texas county you wish to search in the silver “County” drop down box. Directly below that drop down box is a text area for “System Name” enter the text “Keystone” in this area.

After selecting the county and system name you need to click the “Query” button on the lower right hand side of the screen. You should receive a display of all the relevant information about the pipeline. Click the ”Map the results” button.

The GIS map should pop up with the county on the screen and the pipeline marked in red. You can now use the screen pan and zoom in and out buttons to zoom in and move around.




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