Broad Coalition of Texans Sound Alarm on Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline Threat

Broad Coalition of Texans Sound Alarm on Toxic Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline Threat

Local Officials, Property Rights Activists, Religious Leaders, and Environmentalists Ask State Department to Re-do Faulty Analysis


  • Chase Palmer, Mayor of Gallatin, Texas
  • Neil Carman, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club
  • Debra Medina, Tea Party
  • David Daniel, East Texaslandowner and founder of STOP, Stop the Tar sands Oil Pipeline
  • Amanda Yaira Robinson, Texas Interfaith Power & Light
  • Brandon Arias, Sierra Student Coalition at University of Texas
  • Daniel Lucio, MC


  • Press Event at United States Department of State public hearing on a proposed toxic Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline


  • 11:30 AM
  • Wednesday, September 28, 2011


  • LBJ Auditorium,University of Texas at Austin, corner of East Dean Keeton Street.
  • Free parking. Click here for a map.


  • Neil Carman, 512-288-5772 or 512-663-9594; or,
  • David Daniel, 903-563-3935 cell or 903-629-2250

(Austin)  — A broad coalition of allies will gather this Wednesday in Austin at one of two U.S. Department of State public hearings to sound the alarm about the threat of the proposal to build a pipeline that could transport dangerous tar sands oil across east Texas properties and wetlands.  If this pipeline were allowed to be built, up to 1.7 million gallons of toxic tar sands oil could flow into east Texas drinking water and land before the proposed automatic shutoff valve would trigger in the event of a spill.

Local officials, property owners, the Tea Party, the Sierra Club, religious leaders, and students will ask the U.S. Department of State to re-do a faulty analysis that did not include the heightened threat to water resources with exceptional drought conditions in Texas.  At the hearing, Mayor Gallatin will announce the formation of a ‘361 Commission’ creating local authority to address the threat.

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