KBMT 12 ABC News Profiles the Keystone XL Debate

The public hearing in Port Arthur is Monday, September 26th.

  • 4:30pm – 10pm
  • Bob Bowers Civic Center
  • 3401 Cultural Center Drive
  • Port Arthur, TX, 77642

Check out this news story from Beaumont’s KBMT 12 ABC News:

Public will have opportunity to speak on Keystone Pipeline

September 22, 2011

Bruce Drury is opposed to the pipeline and admits oil pipelines criss-cross the nation, but said this is not your average pipeline.

The former Lamar University professor believes it will impact the natural resource of groundwater that American’s need.

“The fear is if it gets into aquifers, it goes to the bottom of the aquifers and pollutes the entire aquifers for maybe decades,” Drury said.

Some environmentalists also argue the use of this variety of crude from the sands of Canada will eventually pollute our air.

They said it will lead to the production of three times as many greenhouse gases as conventional crude.

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